Our Web-to-store Advantage

Shopping at Glasses Gallery at Hudson’s Bay is more than just an online experience. We are here to serve your optical needs beyond simply buying glasses.

From a complete eye exam before even choosing glasses, to lens care after you begin wearing your new glasses, we cover every aspect of your optical needs.

Making Sure Your Glasses Fit

When you select Store Pickup at checkout, you will be able to pick up your glasses at one of our affiliated Hudson’s Bay Optical locations. Store pickup is free of charge.

Did You Purchase a Complete Eyeglasses (frame and lenses)?

An in store optician can help you throughout the delivery process. Are the nose pads not quite sitting right? We can fix that for you, and ensure your glasses are perfectly adjusted on your face. Your comfort is our goal. There is a $10 charge for simple dispensing when you have purchased a complete pair online

Did you Purchase a Frame Only and Need Help Selecting the Perfect Lenses?

An in store optician can guide you to find the right lenses for your lifestyle and needs! They will take all the necessary measurements and send your lens order to the lab. Once ready, you will be able to pick up your complete eyeglasses and have them perfectly adjusted on your face. There are no dispensing charges when purchasing lenses in store.

Extended Warranty and Accidental Breakage Coverage

One additional benefit of choosing Store Pickup is the ability to purchase additional warranty for your glasses. Where most warranties simply cover manufacturer’s defects, our A-B-C Warranty offers accidental breakage coverage. Here is an overview of the A-B-C Warranty features and what you get when compared to the Standard Warranty.

Eye Exams

At our affiliated Hudson’s Bay Optical locations, you can enjoy eye exam services from licensed optometrists starting at $85. A deposit of $10 is required during online appointment booking. Eye exams include the following assessments:

Vision acuity

Refraction test

Pupil function


Standard Warranty

Extended A-B-C Warranty

365-day manufacturer’s warranty on defects

90-day lens satisfaction guarantee


Accidental breakage coverage


Wear-and-Tear protection


Repair, change of nose pads, screws


Free on-site adjustments



Remember to choose Store Pickup at checkout, and ask our Hudson’s Bay Optical store associate for details during delivery! 

With all these great advantages, there is nothing to worry about when ordering online. We have neatly rolled convenience and care into a single package!

Find out which store is closest to you here.

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