Program Policy

Accidental breakage? Your frames and lenses are protected when you buy the Extended Temple-to-Temple Warranty!
The Standard Online Purchase Warranty includes a 365-day warranty on frames and lenses on manufacturing defects only. By selecting Store Pick Up With Extended Warrnaty, you will be purchasing the Extended Warranty Program which includes the following:
Entitlement for Store Pickup Program

  • A 90-day lens satisfaction period;
  • Protection against accidental breakage not covered by the Standard Online Purchase Warranty (spring hinges, temples, coating peeling, deep scratches, (excluding partial or complete loss of the eyeglasses).
  • The right to exchange the frame purchased online for another frame of at least the same value during the initial appointment with the in-store optician; 
  • Protection against normal wear;
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects on frames and lenses from the date of delivery of the glasses. 
  • Repairs, change of pads, screws and free on-site adjustments;

The Extended Warranty must be purchased online during checkout and will begin on the date of delivery of the eyeglasses.

The cost of the Extended Warranty, including professional services, is based on a fixed fee of $40.
Upon the occurrence of a claim under warranty, GlassesGallery.ca will assume 80% of the replacement cost. Thus, the customer will pay the equivalent of only 20% of the value of the replaced item.
The warranty for accidental breakage covers a maximum of one frame replacement and one lens replacement during the warranty period. The warranty never covers partial loss or the complete loss of the pair of eyeglasses.

Terms and Conditions

When buying the “Extended Warranty Program”, you accept the terms and conditions of the Warranty Contract and you agree that you have had the opportunity to read all its terms and conditions as presented herein. This Warranty is not an insurance program.

In order to validate a claim under the Extended Warranty Program, a proof of purchase must be presented to an affiliated Hudson’s Bay Optical store. The warranty period is for ONE YEAR following the delivery of the eyeglasses and cannot be extended. Any damage after the warranty period will be 100% at the expense of the owner of the eyeglasses. The amount of the deductible under the Extended Warranty will be recorded in the customer’s file. ONE TIME REPLACEMENT ONLY! The Warranty for accidental breakage is limited to and may be used once for the frame and once for the lenses, either all at once or on separate occasions.

The deductible is the amount to be paid by the customer at the time the order under warranty is recorded in the system and is never subject to reimbursement. Warranty holders must file their claim at any of the Hudson’s Bay Optical locations or online at cso@glassesgallery.ca where a customer support officer will help you process the claim with one of our affiliated stores.

The Extended Warranty Program covers the parts and cost of repairs of the products (lenses and frames). GlassesGallery.ca commits to replace the products with similar or equivalent value products in the case where the original products are no longer available from suppliers. Except in the initial 90-day period for lens satisfaction, no change to the prescription will be allowed. If a product is not available from a supplier, the Warranty holder will be allowed to change for a superior product provided that payment is made for the price difference between the two products. GlassesGallery.ca may be obliged to borrow the frame or the lenses from the customer in order to make certain repairs (soldering, re-coating, etc.). In such a case, if the customer is unable or does not want to go to a store, all post office and/or transportation charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Duration of the Warranty: In all cases, the Extended Warranty is for 1 year beginning on the day the customer accepts delivery of their purchase and ends the following year at the end of the day delivery was recorded in the Web-to-Store program. If on such a last date the store is closed, the Warranty expires on the last day the store was open before the date on the Warranty purchase order. Under no circumstance will a Warranty holder be allowed to benefit from the Warranty, with or without deductible, after the date of expiry which is one year from the day the customer accepts delivery of the eyeglasses. In order for the Warranty claim to be processed through an affiliated Hudson’s Bay Optical store, the customer must present a proof of purchase. If the customer is unable to provide such a proof of purchase, the customer may contact the Customer Support Office at cso@glassesgallery.ca for help processing the claim. GlassesGallery.ca is under no way responsible for the loss or destruction of the purchase order reference.

The deductible amount payable by the Warranty holder represents 20% of the amount of the value of the replacement parts. In other words, it is 20% of the total regular price (before discounts) for the replacement of the frame and/or 20% of the total regular price (before discounts) of the prescription lenses being replaced. The Warranty holder agrees to pay 20% of the amount when the order under warranty is recorded and GlassesGallery.ca will cover the remaining 80%.

Limits: The Extended Warranty applies to one specific pair of eyeglasses only. The Warranty for accidental breakage may be used once for the frame and once for the lenses, either all at once or on separate occasions. The lens satisfaction policy is limited to 90 days after the initial purchase when choosing the Premium or Premium Plus In-store Pickup options and 30 days when choosing the Basic In-store Pickup option. The Warranty for breakage covers all problems that are not considered manufacturing defects. The Warranty does not include partial or complete loss of the eyeglasses. The Warranty does not cover the change of frame where the customer no longer likes the initial choice or has grown out of them (children). The Warranty is applicable only on a complete pair of eyeglasses purchased online and delivered in-store through the Web to Store Program. The Warranty does not cover any change to the prescription except during the 90-day or 30-day lens satisfaction period.

The Extended Warranty is non-refundable and non-transferable. It cannot be extended or renewed.

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